Best Spinning Rods Reviews 2018

Best Spinning Rods Reviews

We recently published articles about the different types of fishing rods, as well as the best all-around fishing rods. Today, we would like to focus specifically on spinning rods so you can learn more about what they have to offer, and where they may have limitations.

Spinning rods are arguably the most popular type of fishing rods available, slightly more common than baitcasting rods, for a few reasons. They are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them successfully in many different settings and when fishing for many different species. If you want something a little more specialized, then spinning rods can also be good for that, as you are able to select between a variety of lengths, action, and power, all based on your own particular needs. Lastly, spinning rods are paired with spinning reels, the latter of which is a popular type of reel that also offers significant versatility, as well as ease of use.

For us, the main downfall of spinning rods are that the selection is so huge. It's pretty easy to select a good spinning rod, but if you're looking for the best spinning rod for your individual needs, then it becomes a little more complicated. Fortunately, knowing some of the basics, as well as knowing what the more popular spinning rods are and why they're known to be good, can both really help when narrowing down your own selection.

Therefore, in this article we will provide our own reviews of the best spinning rods available at different price points, hopefully allowing you to gain a better understanding of what you get at different prices, as well as what may be best for your needs, which includes your budget. Below the reviews, we will also provide a little more information about spinning rods in general, in case you want to learn more.

Reviews of the Best Spinning Rods

The following is a selection of our top picks for the best spinning rods available. We tried to highlight spinning rods that come in at different price ranges, just so you can see what's out there and how they differ.

  • Basic
  • Mid-Range
  • High-End
saltwater spinning rods


  • Very reliable brand
  • Drop shot action
  • Low profile aluminum oxide guides
  • 24 ton graphite blank
  • EVA split grip handle
  • Medium power
  • Extra fast action


  • Getting more expensive
  • One-piece design may be less convenient for some anglers.

General Consensus

The Shimano Sellus Dropshot spinning rod is an excellent spinning rod that, while more expensive, still offer decent value. This rod is designed more so for bass fishermen, and the 24 ton construction of the rod enhances sensitivity and a lightweight design. The EVA split grip handle is very comfortable and offers a great combination of sensitivity and strength when feeling for bites.

This dropshot spinning rod is a great way to get started with the technique, and you may find yourself surprised by how little an added weight will affect the action of your soft plastic lure, yet this rod will still be able to detect the slight nibbles and set the hook on some monster bass.

The fact that this spinning rod is so great for the dropshot technique is a little bit of a double-edged sword, as many recreational anglers simply prefer versatility so they can fish wherever, whenever. However, while this rod is quite technique-specific, it really can be used for any light line fishing, say under 10 lbs.

Overall, this is a great spinning rod especially if you're plan on rigging it up for the dropshot technique, and for its primary purpose, it's arguably the best value spinning rod you will be able to find. That being said, if you're planning on fishing much heavier line and want something more conventional or versatile, we suggest looking around a little bit to see if you find something else that is more appropriate for your style of fishing.

Spinning rods are some of the best all-around fishing rods. These types of fishing rods are commonly used for smaller fish like panfish, but are also more than capable of battling moderate sized fish such as bass and walleye. These rods are usually made out of graphite or fiberglass, with the ideal material depending largely on the type of fishing. For more info about when to use a graphite rod or a fiberglass rod, please check out the video below courtesy of Fox Sports Outdoors.

These rods are often combined with a spinning reel, which is mounted below the rod at the handle. With this arrangement, the angler can grip the handle at the point of the reel for optimal balance, leverage, and comfort. Handles are typically made of cork or EVA foam, each of which is ideal for casting.

Spinning rods will have multiple line guides running along the length of the rod. The line will come off the spool of the reel and subsequently run through the line guides which gradually descend in size, ultimately helping to manage the alignment and tension of the line. For the best performance and durability, ceramic guides are recommended, but inexperienced anglers are unlikely to notice a difference. Longer and more flexible spinning rods will have more guides than shorter or stiffer rods.

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