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3 Best Spincast Reels for New Anglers
In the world of fishing reels, there's a time and place for everything. If you're offshore chasing tuna, you need[...]
What’s the Best Crankbait Rod?
As you get deeper into bass fishing and start experimenting with different lures and techniques, you realize a single rod[...]
The 3 Best Spinning Reels Under $150
Sure, you can catch fish with the cheapest spinning reel on the shelf. But how many fish will it hold[...]
Best Fishing Rod Brands
I could spend a days browsing around sports stores especially when fishing gear is involved. I love checking out all[...]
Best Float Tubes For Fishing 2019 Reviews
Are you looking for a way to access some of the best spots to cast, but without having to worry[...]
Best Ice Fishing Line Reviews
Product Brand Price Range RatingTrilene Fluoro IceBerkley$FluoroiceP-Line$V-Coat Braid Line Sufix $In our opinion, ice fishing is one of the best[...]
Best Spinning Rods Under $100 Review & Buyer’s Guide
Spinning Reod Brand Price Range RatingSolara Shimano$EliteUgly Stik$$HMGFenwick$$$A spinning rod is arguably the most common type of fishing rod currently[...]
Best Spinning Reel Under $100 Buyer’s Guide
Reel Brand Price Range RatingSienna Shimano$Sharky IIKastKing$$Battle IIPENN $$$If you're anything like me, walking into a tackle shop or any[...]
Best Stripping Guards
Stripping guards can be worn by any type of fishermen, but fly fishermen will definitely receive the most benefits. In[...]
Best Fish Landing Nets Reviews
Fishing nets, or more specific to this application, landing nets, are arguably one of the most underrated items for fishing.[...]
Best Fly Fishing Flies For Trout, Salmon & Bass 2019 Reviews
Now that Flannel Fishermen & his team have discussed the different types of flies used in fly fishing, it is[...]
Best Fly Fishing Reels Buyer’s Guide & Review
Choosing the best fly fishing reel to match your new fly fishing rod is very important. There are so many[...]

Fishing Holes

Crab Fishing on Vancouver Island
Crabbing is the practice of using your own equipment and traps to catch some delicious crab, fresh out of the[...]
Best Place for Fishing in Texas
Texas offers an incredible opportunity for anglers, both visitors, and locals alike. The main reason that we like Texas as[...]
Fly Fishing in Alaska
When folks make their first trip to Alaska for fly fishing adventures, they're always a little surprised. It's one thing[...]
Bass Fishing on Canada’s East Coast
One of the best parts of living in North America is the vast wilderness and variation in geography, allowing for[...]
Fishing in Washington
The Pacific Northwest is an outdoor enthusiast's playground! Combining everything from a scenic coastline, volcanic arcs, mountains, gorgeous rivers and[...]
Fishing in Oregon Tips & Trick With Flannel
Planning on fishing in Oregon? If so, good call. Oregon is home to some great fishing, especially if you're looking[...]

Fishing Tips & How To's

Spinning Reel Maintenance: How to Clean and Lubricate?
The modern spinning reel is incredibly robust and can take a beating. But unless you want to shell out cash[...]
5 Ways to Catch More Trout | Trout Fishing Tips
How to catch more trout? these trout fishing tips which increase your success rates. Perhaps you did not have the luck[...]
How to Build Your Own Survival Fishing Kit
Most people assume that the standard survival fishing kit includes ~25’ of fishing line, a couple of pellet weights, and[...]
How to Cook a Fish in the Wild
When it comes to the world of fishing, there are few things better than hooking a fish, knocking it out,[...]
Kids Learn How to Fly Fish With 5 Easy Steps
One of my biggest regrets when it comes to fishing is not learning how to use a fly rod at[...]
Good Survival Fishing Kits 2019 Review
Joint efforts between devoted fisherman and savvy survivalists birthed the survival fishing kit, a small tin about the size of[...]