Best Shimano Spinning Reels

Shimano is one of the most popular brands for spinning reels, and for good reason. Shimano has been around for a long time designing and creating a variety of fishing gear. Throughout this time, they have been able to refine and improve their technology in order to consistently provide quality reels.

One of the great things about Shimano spinning reels is that there are so many you can choose from, so there's something for everyone. Whether you're a beginner who just wants a cheap spinning reel to get started, or a pro angler who is looking for the latest and greatest, or anyone in between, there is certainly a lot you can choose from.

However, as awesome as it is to have a large selection to choose from, it can also make things a little confusing and difficult to come to a decision. Therefore, we decided to review the best Shimano spinning reels at various price points, which we hope can help narrow your selection and save you a bit of time.

Shimano Spinning Reel Reviews

  • Basic
  • Mid-Range
  • High-End
  • Pro
  • Elite
Best Shimano Ultralite Spinning Reel


  • Affordable
  • Overall great value
  • Many different models/sizes available
  • Lightweight graphite frame, side plate, and rotor.
  • Fast action with mechanisms to reduce backplay and wobble


  • Not overly durable
  • Still slightly more prone to tangling
  • May need more maintenance, e.g. re-greasing, than other Shimano spinning reels.

General Consensus

The Shimano Sienna front drag spinning reel is your basic lower-end spinning reel. To be clear, that doesn't mean it's bad, rather, there just isn't any fancy bells and whistles, which isn't always necessary anyway.

This reel comes in many different sizes to help accommodate your line capacity. For example, the base model has a line capacity ranging from 2/210 - 6/110, while the Shimano Sienna 4000FD boasts a line capacity ranging from 8/240 - 12/160.

The components are mainly graphite, which is standard for this price point. The graphite will offer a lightweight feel and good performance, but may not be as durable. Moving components may need to be greased sooner than some other reels.

Overall, this is a nice Shimano spinning reel, especially for the price, and is more well-suited to smaller fish, likely those found in fresh water (e.g. bass, perch, catfish, salmon). While it may not last as long and isn't anything special, it will be tough to find something cheaper and of the same quality.

Therefore, we recommend the Shimano Sienna spinning reel for beginners, those you want a spare reel, those on a very strict budget, or anyone fishing relatively small fresh water fish that simply want good value.​


In our opinion, you can't really go wrong with Shimano, especially if you are already used tot heir equipment and have experienced success with this brand before. The Shimano spinning reels that we reviewed above are not the only spinning reels that Shimano puts out there, ​but they're our top picks across the price ranges. That being said, depending on your preferences, budget, and typical fishing conditions, you may require something a little different. If this is the case, we still recommend checking out other Shimano spinning reels as well, and if you can't find anything, other brands like Penn, Daiwa, and Okuma have some great spinning reels as well. Good luck!

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