The Best PENN Spinning Reels Reviews

The Best PENN Spinning Reels Reviews

PENN is one of the most reliable fishing gear brands out there. The company has a deep history dating back to 1932 when it was first founded by Otto Henze. Otto set the tone right away with his drive and passion for revolutionizing fishing equipment with a focus on reels. In 1936, he created one of the most famous PENN reels, the Senator, which changed the way anglers fished for the big ones.

Over the past 80 years, PENN has evolved into something much bigger, and while product quality can often drop with company growth and outsourcing, this certainly wasn't the case for PENN. By 1959, PENN was already manufacturing 77 models of reels to the delight of many anglers who have come to love the company. Now with a much wider variety of tackle than ever, all of which is crafted with care, over 1,400 IGFA World Records are held by PENN models.

It's pretty clear that PENN is one of the top brands for spinning reels, especially saltwater spinning reels, but with such a large selection it can be really difficult to know which PENN spinning reel is best for you. Therefore, we have decided to provide our picks for the best PENN spinning reels at various price points, which will hopefully make the selection process a little easier for you.

Best PENN Spinning Reels - Reviews

  • Basic
  • Mid-Range
  • High-End
  • Pro
penn pursuit 5000 spinning reel


  • Great overall reel
  • Essentially the Spinfisher V with upgrades
  • Leveline spool wrap system
  • Full metal body
  • Ergonomic, over-sized, soft-grip power knob on the larger models.
  • Large line capacity


  • Harder to find
  • Expensive
  • Nothing shockingly new, basically the Spinfisher V with some upgraded components.

General Consensus

This PENN Spinning Reel is one of their more rare editions. It's essentially the Spinfisher V on steroids. The Metal Series is known for excellent performance and serious durability, making it one of the most reliable spinning reels on the market.

This reel is saltwater approved and and is capable of hauling in some real monsters. This particular model has a 250 yard - 25 lb line capacity, a 4.6:1 gear ratio, 5+1 bearings, and HT-100 which help provide smooth drag under heavy loads.

The PENN SS Metal Series spinning reel is extremely well-reviewed by customers with virtually no complaints. The main drawbacks are the higher cost, which does reflect the quality of the reel. The other drawback is it's a bit harder to find, but you can usually track one down online somewhere.

Overall, this is one of the best PENN spinning reels overall, which makes it an ideal choice for any angler who can afford one. That being said, if it's a big stretch for the budget, there's nothing wrong with going for another lower-end PENN spinning reel, as every reel made by PENN holds good value.

* For information about line capacity for each of these PENN spinning reels, please click on the links above for more information about each reel. The line capacity will depend on the exact size/model of reel you purchase, and you can view the line capacity for each size separately.

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